Got this one somewhere on the internet. I must say that I was poked by this statement. It has given me a bang in my head. From a renown and respected individual like her, I would definitely agree to this. Sad to say she has gone somewhere beyond the horizon where I think she must be happy now. I personally do not know Maya Angelou. Such a shame I wasn’t able to come across her and even her writings when she was still around. However, with no doubt at all, I am certain that she has inspired a lot of readers and promising writers. Her legacy shall remain in their hearts. As of today, I will be looking for her works. Could you recommend one? Thanks. 😉
PS: Farewell Ma’am Maya Angelou. Thanks for the wisdom that you have sincerely shared to everyone.



8 Comments on “Farewell~

  1. She will be missed. Thank you for visiting my blog, yours is quite amazing as well. I love your WordPress theme by the way *wink, wink* lol.



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