My first love..

To my first love:

You were with me for 17 years and each moment was just so wonderful. Couldn’t ask for more. For some reason, you had to leave like bubbles and gave me the worst heartbreak ever. Beyond words, thank you for everything. Because of you, break ups for me are nothing but a bite of the tiniest ant. Wherever you are now, happiness is all I want for you. God knows how proud and happy I was and forever will be for giving me a father like you. You were and will always be amazing. I love you Papa. Happy Father’s Day!♥♥♥



2 thoughts on “My first love..

  1. Hello, what a beautiful observation! You are a great listener of your soul, heart, Master Regulator. Being at face 3 in my journey I share on my blog experiences that you perhaps will find interesting. Have a great week. Love, Eivor.


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