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Zombie no more!

It’s been almost 3 months now that I seemingly lived like a zombie. No, I don’t look like it but I..let’s say..my body’s working fine but my heart’s dead. Fortunately, I’m way better than a walking zombie because I’m not will-less, mute, and not driven by a supernatural force for some evil purpose. How can I live normally after a 3-year special love story ended? My heart’s broken but not to the extent of wounding myself with a knife or jumping off a bridge or building. I’m not too dumb to do such pathetic and unhelpful acts. Yes, I disappeared and even placed myself into solitude. Things like: no Facebook for days, deactivated our (couple account) Twitter account, stopped writing and blogging, even attempted to blot THIS blog out, and most of all, shut our common friends out..yep, I did all dramas! What were left in me were my pride, family, and faith. I’ve always been a believer. I should say that was my second time of being heartbroken. First was the sudden lost of my dad to a shipwreck in 2008. Man that was horrible! However, I think I finally understand why it happened. It must be God’s way to prepare me for this heartbreak. I used to be a total dependent. All my life, I never knew how to live on my own until my dad was taken away from us. Since then, I started living with this  “nothing is forever in this crazy world” in mind. I’ve learned the hard way not to be attached to anyone because I know in the end, I will be left alone. My ex has taught me a lot and I’m thankful for the 3 years of ups and downs. Right now, I’m still moving on. My heart’s still cold but I guess I’m on my way to the land of “I’ve moved on.” I’m writing again because I’m a zombie no more….maybe? haha!

..give me your heart..not brain..LOL
..give me your heart..not brain..LOL

17 thoughts on “Zombie no more!

  1. I’m glad you overcame. Life does keep raining on us, but when we work our way through, we find happiness on the other side of the storm. All of our experiences make us who we are–the good ones and the bad.
    So, soak it all in as you go, for no matter what it is you do–you can use it all.
    Deep breath, chin up and plow on … you’re a better, stronger person everyday you do.
    I wish you all the best Sheryl.

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  2. One foot in front of the other, day by day…glad to see you’re putting some pep back in your step! Sorry to hear about your dad. I’m not a subscriber to “things happen for a reason”; I’m more of a “Crap happens, period”. No rhyme or reason. But this too has made you stronger, and whatever comes next, that also will add to your layers of knowledge, experience, courage and depth of you. Embrace it, and definitely know – nothing is for granted, not even the air we breathe.

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