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Review: Etude Magic Tint Balm

Hello guys! I’m glad to say that this would be my first but definitely not the last product review post. I’ve been using some Korean products for some time now but I was kind of hesitant to write any reviews about them not until I came to realize that I would be selfish not to share what products are working well on me. I hope you will find something helpful here.
So here’s the first product that I’d like to introduce to Korean beauty products buffs out there!
Magic Lip Balm

Name: Etude Magic Tint Balm
Color: 04 Jelly Red
Price: 198Php

Finally, I’ve found this one as I visited an Etude outlet somewhere in my place. What I like about it is that it doesn’t dry up and crack my lips. I tried so many but ended up throwing or giving them to someone else. And this one? Nah!! I’m keeping it. I apply it before lipstick. It works well with any lipstick color. It doesn’t shine so bright that people might think you have eaten some oily dish. It enhances your lipstick’s color and makes it last longer. It smells like jelly that I want to swallow it. It’s just light to the feeling. It’s at a reasonable price, isn’t it? ^_^
I think I know why it’s called Magic Tint Balm. Try it and you’ll know why too!

[DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid advertisement. This is only a personal review.]


16 thoughts on “Review: Etude Magic Tint Balm

  1. I like Étude house stuff, too- especially the Hyaluronic acid face packs- they work a treat! Thanks for dropping by the blog, and I’m sorry to hear you are a single girl again….


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