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Wake me up before November ends..

I was walking through a hallway when a guy drew near me and without a single word caressed my lips with his. I knew we were in the middle of a number of heads whose eyes were on us. He didn’t mind them and I felt the butterflies in my stomach. I felt him, heard his breathing, but my eyes could barely make out his face. He then led me to a group of people whose bright smiles shined on me. I wasn’t so sure of the words he let out but I thought I heard him saying “This is my girl.” In a blink of an eye, I found myself standing close to him in a totally different place. He wrapped his arms around me like a warm blanket while enjoying the view. I could remember a brilliant purple sunset in front of us. I felt so much adored by this mysterious guy…

All of a sudden, I heard a familiar noise and made everything vanish into thin air. That was when I realized I was just dreaming. >_< My phone’s alarm ruined that magical feeling. Nice one huh~

“So why are you writing about that dream?”, you ask. “It’s a mere delusion.”, you say. At some point of your life, there are things that can make you realize something all at once. I’d say that I was, once and for all, enlightened by that dream. As time passes by, so as people go through stages in life where they have to make choices. Choices that can make one change. I thought love was enough to keep a relationship going as they say “Love conquers all.” However, I couldn’t make heads or tails why it happened to me. I knew love was there. Or was I not satisfied by his love? Was the love I knew of different from what he perceived? I might need no answers but at least I asked. Recalling how I was in his arms for 3 years, I would say I was the happiest chick ever. With all the sweet times, sacrifices, a river of tears, caresses, smooches, chocolates, presents, sparkling accessories, and all, I thought those were enough to keep us together. That dream could have been my heart’s deepest desire without me knowing it. For all I ever wanted was him to be with me ’til the world stops turning. Then one night, that dream turned up and has changed a thing or two in me. It woke me up from a long deep sleep of delusion. I’m wide awake now! 🙂

A guy who knows how to sweep off a girl’s feet with a lap of luxury, which is a bonus, was the kind of person I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. Thanks to that dream ’cause I’ve made up my mind! Now I know what kind of person I’d rather be with until my last breath. I don’t need a man who’ll impress me with his affluence, romantic stuffs, and all, but I need one thing for sure…just….a man…a REAL man who will be brave enough to fight for me until the end and that he’ll welcome me to his world. Wherever would that be and whatever kind of place would it be, I’ll surely be with him and die in his arms. Is it too much to ask for? ^_^


27 thoughts on “Wake me up before November ends..

  1. Sheryl, you know the answer all this time , you just need to accept it. I am proud to call you my friend, even when we are so far.
    Keep writing, keep smiling , keep wishing for that man that will fight for you no matter what , because I am sure you will find him, because you deserve him.
    And about the writing , maybe sometime I will read a your novel , because you write so well .
    Best regards friend….^^

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  2. asking for some one worthy of you is not too much,but your duty! i wish you all the best. remember you only get from what life what you ask for! so ask for alot 😀


      1. walang anuman! just stay positive and be loving! eventually love will come back! thats how i met my wife. I just loved and loved the world until some back to me! now we have a 7 month old baby which drives me mad but i love to bits!
        Just stay positive and love yourself and the world Sheryl,im sure the right man will come to you in time!

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          1. She is/was a OFW in AUstralia,we worked in the same medical facility. I asked her out three days after she started and we said i love you on the first date. After three years we married and now we are in Davao City building a online business and investing as best we can. Thats it! boring,i told you 😀


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