It’s about time..

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(Written on the 22nd of November)

Right now, I’m sitting on my desk drown to the music of my favorite band~ Plain White T’s while waiting for my student to go online. I’m wondering where he is. It’s a 50 minute class, but I’m taking this chance to let my thoughts go at this very moment. As I turn my head to the left, I can see the clear blue sky with clouds forming like animals running after some people I guess. (Time check: 4:45pm) Tall buildings around, some trees standing tall, still blue ocean, all of them my eyes can see through this window from my comfort zone to the outside world. People are talking, laughing, walking, eating, and all which no one can stop them from doing such daily routine. I just can watch them moving and coping with life’s inevitable changes. I hear them whining but then again, they just smile after life’s storms. Birds still chirp and fly after a heavy rain. Time doesn’t stop ticking which I wish I could even for a moment. I just want to stay things as ease to this very minute. I don’t want to move. Neither, think of the future. I’m turning 24 tomorrow. What does the future have in store for me? I feel a bit scared but I guess I have to accept the fact that I can’t get away with it. Time will continue to run until forever. The leaves will always wither but new ones will grow. The flowers may die but new lovely ones will bloom after some time. The sun goes down but will always show up smiling and telling us it’s not yet the end. The world is still turning after some unstoppable disasters. One thing has come to my senses, I’d better start walking now. I should stop longing for the past where I know I can’t get back anymore. It’s been few months now of being a lone soul. I’m not getting any older. One window of happiness was closed right in front of me, I’d better open the other door to new happiness. They say time heals all wounds but I think it won’t be possible if I won’t allow myself to be healed. I’ve been praying for answers and now they’re slowly turning up in my long before closed dead heart. What can I get if stay like this for a long time? Things are getting better and I think I’m ready for more good things to come. I was far down the rabbit hole of negativity that I almost couldn’t find my way out. I thank GOD for shedding me the light. Now I’m out from that hole! I can see bright sparkling light now! I see hope within my reach. I won’t let my past drag me down. It’s time…it’s time…



  1. so lovely. that’s true, you can’t take back time but to move forward for what’s coming next, may God pours you more blessings! 😉


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