Farewell · Open Letter to Ex

Dear Ex Prince..

We were once strangers wandering around “singles’ zone”. One day we bumped into each other around the corner and hit it. We got along just fine and turned our mundane days into magical ones. Beautiful flowers and butterflies were all around us. I never knew spring until I met you. Winter was in the air everytime you flew back home. Your home where I thought I would be there someday. I welcomed you to my home where I thought you would be here in the future. I let you inside of me. I told you to stay as long as you wanted. I made you my everything. You made me your something special, perhaps. Being with you was always a fairytale where villains and witches couldn’t tear us apart. I was your princess, you were my knight in not so shining armor. You had no horse. I was waiting in my lonely tower for you to come and get me. You told me to wait. I did. I sang songs of hope and danced to the rhythm of love so waiting would be so easy. Soldiers of red suits came along. Some of them wanted to break into the “wall of possession” you built around my lonely tower. I wasn’t afraid because I knew I wouldn’t be taken. I believed in the spell you casted to that wall. I believed you would come. I believed your queen and king would meet me. Months came to pass, I was still waiting. My white and sparkling nightdress grew untidy and worn out. Winter was always there. Out of nowhere, a man with a horse passed by and looked up at the window of my tower. He gave me a white flower and asked who I was waiting for. I tried to keep my mouth shut. He ignored it and tried to put a smile on my face. And that was the beginning of the twist of our story. I almost forgot I was waiting for you. He made my lonely cold days to happy warm ones. He treated me like his long lost princess. We built our own little castle. I was under his spell for a while. I woke up one day seeing you all around the corner. You broke his spell that I almost fell for. I kissed him goodbye and went back to the tower where you left me. I thought I could forget waiting for you if I stayed in his castle but all I saw was your face. I disappointed him but he led me back to you. He knew how I felt. He thought I should be with you. I was then left all alone. No more him and his horse. Even the soldiers stopped breaking into me. Did you know what it was like being stuck in a place of uncertainties? I kept how I truly felt thinking that doing so could make you come and get me in no time. It somehow made me think that you were insensitive. All of a sudden, I heard a voice within me. I tried not to listen and cupped my ears with my cold hands but it was getting through them. “Let go. Run away. Stop waiting. Be happy. A true prince would never let his princess wait in lonesome. He would never hide you from his royal family.” Said the voice. I kept on ignoring that voice and still waited. I felt like a fish out of water. It was like inside a broken clock that never ticks. I was like walking on the same road with no end. Whys and hows kept popping in my head. Until such time, my heart poked me and told me “You’ve done your part. That’s enough. I’m tired of beating. Let me rest.” The princess of me came out and ran away. So then I realized, I wasn’t good enough for a prince like you. Maybe you needed someone else. Perhaps I needed someone else as well. That was just the story of us. It was only until then. Now I wish you happiness and true love. Thank you for the memories. One thing is for sure…I never hate you for breaking my heart. Farewell~


Once a princess..

the lonely tower.. (Google image)
the lonely tower..
(Google image)

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