For you..

Lost in the dark,

You shone the light.

Heart full of scars,

You mended it right.

Gray was all over me,

You painted colors.

Shadows around me,

You blew them away.

Baby hold me still,

You’re all I need.

Don’t go,

This heart will bleed.

Fly me to the moon,

I’ll hold you tight.

Take me with you,

I’ll love you right.


To the man who stole my heart…

P.S. –> Yes, I’ll keep on writing you poems if that’s the only way I could remind you how my heart beats for you. (^_^)


35 responses

  1. I love your poem. He must be very lucky to have you. Does he know it? Maybe you pass this comment to him; and maybe it will help him know that sometimes we don’t know the value of the bird in hand until it’s gone. Bravo! Have a great day!

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