Pre-marriage Counseling Certificate

Attending a pre-marriage counseling seminar is the next thing to do after getting the Barangay Certificate for Marriage. This seminar basically takes place in your local City Social Welfare Services office. The couple’s personal appearance is highly needed. Ask for the schedule of the seminar beforehand. After the seminar, a certificate will be given to you which is one of the requirements when applying for a marriage license here in the Philippines.

What to do:

  1. Go to your local City Health’s office. (Bring with you the Barangay Certificate for Marriage.)
  2. Pay for the seminar certificate. You will be asked whether your partner is a foreigner or not as the fees vary according to the nationality of one’s partner.

*For both Filipinos: Php 30.25

*For a Foreigner Partner: Php 60.50

3. After paying, you will receive the official receipt. Keep it.

4. Have your Barangay Certificate for Marriage and the seminar certificate’s receipt  photocopied. (1 copy each)

5. Now go to your local’s City Social Welfare Services (CSWS). You should go there a day before the schedule of the seminar.

6. Hand in the photocopies. You will be asked to fill out a form.

NOTE: The procedures may vary from city to city.

Simple as that! This seminar takes 3-4 hours in the morning. Just so you know, the language is mostly local. Tell your foreigner partner about it then. He/she might be surprised. 😀

Gotcha! ^_^
Gotcha! ^_^

God bless you lovebirds! ❤

I will be posting the Korean Filipino Marriage Procedures: Part 2 soon! ^_^


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