The sweetest birthday gift ever!

November 23, 2015..

The day which marks the happiest day of my life. All my life I’ve been praying for someone who’ll accept me for who I am and what I am. I once fell in love with someone who I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with, but it turned out that God had been writing the love story for me. This is not yet the end of our love story, but just the beginning. I believe God is still working on it.

The one I am destined to continue this life’s journey with happens to be 1,870 miles (Japan) away from me. Who says LDR isn’t possible? We are living proof. LDR is indeed possible if both of you want it to be so and of course, if you are destined to be together. Yes, we beat the distance. It boils down to this powerful thing called LOVE. Now I know that love isn’t all about flowers, romantic dates, mushy Facebook posts, but it’s about intentions and keeping promises. One thing, you can NEVER make your own love story. I was good at that. 😀

My other half turns out to be from a different culture, custom, and country. Totally different from my world. My destiny is a Korean guy of surprises. I never thought that I could learn to love a person who was born 12 years my senior. I never imagined myself spending the rest of my life with someone who lives miles away from the Philippines. I never expected these things to happen to me. Indeed, life is full of surprises! I am forever grateful to God for finally giving me the person I’ve been praying for and waiting on. The sweetest thing is that He gave him to me on my 25th birthday which is actually my dream age to get married. How good God is for making this dream come true!

Korean Filipino Married Couple
© Joey Lee Photography

Just when I thought love would never find me,

you came.

Just when I thought I’d lose you,

you stayed.

Just when I thought our love wasn’t going anywhere,

we became one.

My Mr. Gim,

let me love you ’til the end of time.

Published by Sheryl Gim

1990 | Filipino living in Japan | Believer in love | Bitten by the travel bug | Caffeine intolerant

73 thoughts on “The sweetest birthday gift ever!

  1. I love your Love Story! Yes, when God has a plan, it doesn’t matter what else YOU had planned, His plan wins! Yay! Thank you, seriously, for stopping by and liking one of my posts, which led me to yours! I will enjoy reading more of your posts. Blessings and joy to you ❤


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