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Registration of Marriage (Philippines)

After your wedding ceremony, one should immediately go to the Local Civil Registrar’s office to have your marriage registered. You don’t want a delayed registration, do you? 😀 Go to the nearest LCR’s office where your wedding was held. Like in our case, I live in Mandaue City but our wedding took place somewhere in Cebu City. Thus, I had to register our marriage in Cebu City LCR’s office. It could be done by one of the couple or the one who solemnized the marriage a day after the wedding ceremony. Here are the documents to be submitted:

  1. Certificate of Marriage (given by the person who solemnized your marriage, 4 forms)
  2. Letter of Request (the duly notarized letter that you gave to the one who solemnized your marriage, 2 copies)
  3. 1 photocopy of the “solemnizer’s” license



~ Be extra careful when filling out the forms prior to the wedding day. Should be typewritten. Check the spelling of the details. Don’t leave any blank spaces. Just type N/A if it’s not applicable to you. (Certificate of Marriage)

~ Prepare Php20 for the solemnization fee at the LCR’s office.

~ You will be asked to come back for your personal copies of the Certificate of Marriage. 2 original forms will be returned to you including the photocopy of the “solemnizer’s” license.

~ They will be the one to endorse it to NSO. Your NSO Marriage Contract will be available after 2 months. (Ordinary Endorsement)


Should you have any clarifications, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me through my Facebook for immediate response. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Registration of Marriage (Philippines)

  1. How many months po did u processed all the requirements and until nakasal na kayo?
    We have the same situation po. But I’m about to start all these requirements ya following your post po. 😇

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