At the runway..

Saw you standing there,

waiting for me to show up.

People walked and talked,

waiting on their flights.

Heard their painful goodbyes,

sealed with sweet kisses.

I was there,

when their eyes welled with tears.

Heard their blissful hellos,

coupled with warm embraces.

I was there,

when those faces painted smiles.

And you were there,

when my cheeks turned red.

Right there and then,

we had our first kiss.




17 Comments on “At the runway..

  1. Dreamy…i have a vivid imagination…sitting here dreaming about that first kiss…hahaha. I nominated you for the one lovely blog award, do check out my last post, and take as much time as you want should you choose to accept, if you don’t do awards, know that i love you still. muaaah.

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