Why I fell for my Kindle Paperwhite..

If you’re a bookworm and at the same time a gadget lover, I bet you know this small but doozie reading tool. As for me, I am more like a book lover. I am not that silly over gizmos. That being said, eBooks are out of the question. Not until my then boyfriend, now husband got me acquainted with Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Paperwhite
Say hello to my love! 😀

I thought this was just another tab with eBooks in it but I didn’t get it right. As I started delving into my new-found darling, it gave me reasons to see it as an adept reading device. Let me dish out a few good points:

♦ It bears resemblance to a book.

Kindle Paperwhite
A smart book, indeed! ^_^

Despite not having the chance to breathe in the aroma of a real book, it still appears like one to me. Font wise, it’s apparently more convenient than of a book. Recently, Amazon let me update it to the latest version which makes the font larger. Which means, the larger, the lesser eye strain. When flipping the pages, it only takes one tap. A bookmark isn’t an urgent due to its feature that leads you back to the page where you left.

♦ A vocabulary builder!

Kindle Paperwhite
Love learning new words? Here! 😉

The latest update is absolutely commendable with its advanced feature, Word Wise. Beyond any doubt, English isn’t my mother tongue. Even if I’ve studied it for years, whether I like it or not, my brain still has a vast room for vocabulary.

♦ Comes with built-in light and Wi-Fi connectivity

Kindle Paperwhite
With adjustable lighting and supports public and private Wi-Fi networks! Isn’t it amazing? 😀

Get your desired eBooks as fast as one tap when you’re connected to a network. Not only that, you can check the words through Wikipedia if you want more synonyms, examples, and the like.

♦ Comes in handy!

Kindle Paperwhite
Just a little bigger than my hand.. 😀

In all likelihood,  it’s almost the size of my hand which makes it handy. LOL 😀

I take it with me anywhere I want to and whenever I long for escaping from reality. Believe me, it’s so easy to use that even a child in kindergarten can get it in less than no time.

Visit Amazon for more legit details of this cool reading device.

Thanks to my tech-lover other half for paving the way to broaden my interests. I guess, having that type of a hubby isn’t bad at all! 😀


*Not a sponsored post.*


Published by Sheryl Gim

1990 | Filipino living in Japan | Believer in love | Bitten by the travel bug | Caffeine intolerant

45 thoughts on “Why I fell for my Kindle Paperwhite..

  1. Awesome review SheryL! I can relate to your initial resistance of these things! Nothing like flipping the pages of a good old paperback or that infectious smell of a library book covered in plastic! But I have also grown to love my e-reader device. Since I can be impatient about ordering a book I want adapt, the instant delivery to my e-reader is super awesome! Great post my dear! 😀 Chanel

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  2. Wow I never thought of that. I should have gotten one years ago. I love love love books and reading them all, but I have too many. I can only bring 1 or 2 books to Japan to read as the others just wont fit. 😦 Perhaps I’ll look into this Kindle. haha I feel so old with the times. 🙂


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