Entering Japan: Visa application

Exactly after a month and six days of my Certificate of Eligibility  application, I was blessed to be granted such adjuration. Getting hold of it earlier than the husband and I expected was a total bonus! 🙂

Japan Certificate of Eligibility
Waiting for this was fun..? LOL 😀

Next thing to do is to secure a visa. Japan offers a variety of visas. Click this link for the types of visa. Be informed that the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines doesn’t accept any direct visa applications except for a few cases.  If you don’t belong to any of those, then might as well do your visa application through any of these accredited agencies.

The heart of this post is for this type of visa:

Visa application with Certificate of Eligibility issued in Japan

Once your Certificate of Eligibility is ready, gather these requirements.  When you’re all good to go, time to choose the agency to file your visa application through. I personally recommend  Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation. They have branches in Manila and Cebu. They were so efficient for me. I got my visa after 7 working days which was earlier than the date they gave me.

Japan Visa
Granted! 🙂


The agony of waiting for my better half will soon come to an end. Thank God for the answered prayers! 🙂 I’m forever grateful to you Lord. 🙂  ❤

Can’t wait to start a whole a new world with the love of my life. Let the countdown begin! 🙂



Don’t forget to click the underlined words for the respective links. 😉



  1. Wow, Finally! so happy for you..Enjoy Japan!
    I was working for almost 6 years for a Japanese company in Ph. They are good employers. and I was able to learn few Nihongo phrases during my stay. I’ve always been inspired by how efficient, clean, and disciplined Japanese people are,aside from the fact that this country is so clean.
    Wishing you all the best in the land of the rising Sun!

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