How I got a South Korea Visa in Japan

UPDATED LAST: December 29, 2017

22 days to go and I’ll be flying to my ultimate dream place! I couldn’t be more wired up. The reason for going there is quite special for me. I’ll definitely let you know soon. Stay tuned! 😄

Sharing with you my experience of getting a South Korea visa would be an utmost fulfillment of the day.

I would like to clarify things out first. These are my facts and may also be true to you:

🔶 My husband is Korean. I am Filipino.

🔶 We are both expats in Japan.

🔶 He holds a Permanent Residence Card.

🔶 I currently am not a permanent resident here. To be specific, the status is dependent.

🔶 A housewife for the time being.

🔶 Have never been to Korea but to other (3) Asian countries.


I did the application last month and I must say it was completely opposite to my expectation. In point of fact, it did give me a big surprise. Getting a Korea tourist visa in the Philippines is a bit complex particularly if the applicant doesn’t shoulder all travel expenses. A load of documents must be given and the issuance of a visa is not that much of a sure bull’s-eye. Knowing this beforehand and planning for the application caused me to be a little worried. I can be a worrywart at times. 😌

The first time we went to the Embassy of South Korea in Tokyo was when Danny had to ask for a document from them and at the time, we decided to inquire about the procedure of visa application. I tried hard to understand the Korean front desk officer’s explanation in Korean so I could be informed first hand but I gave up. Too many difficult words. 😂

I was asked to submit these:

🔷 Valid signed passport

🔷 Japan Residence Card (photocopy and original)

🔷 Completed Application Form

south korea visa application form
5 pages, written both in Korean and English, from the embassy

🔷 Passport size colored photo (should be pasted on the Application Form)


The procedure was quick and easy. The next thing I knew was to come back after 2 days for the result. 2 days! My husband was even surprised for he was expecting it to be given after 3-5 days. I honestly wasn’t that hopeful for a positive outcome but I prayed to God that whatever the result was, He’d be with me through it all. I had proven once again that God is undeniably good! He has always been and that I’ll be forever grateful. 💞

I was granted a C-3-9 single entry visa without any complication and the cherry on the cake was I didn’t get to spend a single coin for it. Yes, it was for free! 😄 I can recall the officer even suggested me to just apply for a multiple entry ’cause the procedure is pretty simple. I just couldn’t ask for more. A single entry is all enough for me. 😍


I mistook the South Korean Consulate for the embassy. Applications are accepted at the office of the consulate just a few minutes away from the embassy. Kindly refer to Google Maps for the address.


Visa Application/ Issuance is on the 3rd floor.

Application: Morning only (9 – 11)

Issuance: Afternoon only (2 – 4)


55 Comments on “How I got a South Korea Visa in Japan

  1. Hi! Planning to visit korea on my birthday this spring. My question is – is it okay to apply for the visa his march when my flight is in april already? Also, is there a need for a physical appearance when claiming your visa or can they send it to us thru COD perhaps. Thank you.

    I am quite scared it is my first time appying for a visa, scared they wont approve it. 😭

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