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National Palace Museum of Korea

If past life were true, I’d say I was from Korea. 😀 This country has been close to my heart since the day I first learned about its beauty. Since then, I never stopped dreaming about going there. And yes, that dream finally came to reality. I used to read a little about its stirring history. Reading about their imperial past would make me want to get in a time capsule and travel back in time. But thanks to this one place that time-traveling has been made somewhat possible, except that it’s in a form of a museum not a capsule. 😀

Welcome! Welcome!

Whether you’re a historian or not, the museum is surely worth visiting for. I mean, isn’t it nice to pick up something from years years years ago and somehow understand the present? I don’t know about you, but I’m all for it. ^_^

Here are a few shots of my educational wandering.. 😀

imperial stuff 😀
A few of the portraits of the mighty kings.

As much as I want to share all my photos here, but I have to limit my media files in every post I make. You know I want to keep my “blogger-with-short-posts” identity. lol

Anyway, I’ll share the link of my South Korea album on Facebook in my next post. 🙂

Tell me your favorite part of your tour in the museum.^^



10 thoughts on “National Palace Museum of Korea

  1. Korea has its glorious days as a united state (not divided like now that is). As much as southern Manchuria and present day territories in Russia were part of its domain! There is so much similarities yet differences between China, Korea and Japan its all fascinating!


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