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Simple Recipe: Paksiw (Fish Stewed in Vinegar)

Who would have thought that someone like me who used to be only a well eater of my mom’s cooking could now somehow maneuver my own little kitchen. Is this a perk of being a wife now? 😀

I’ve lived here in Japan for about 10 months now and my craving for Filipino dishes has been rather endless. The fact that my knowledge about cooking is quite limited, I sometimes feel like a useless person who solely depends on instant ramen. Fortunately, I still remember a few dishes that my parents taught me back home. Proud to say my dad was a real good cook. My mom? Good, but not as good as my dad. 😀 I hate to say it but my siblings can cook well, too. I was like the loser. Haha. Just so you know, my job made me that way. I was an online English teacher working on a mid-shift (3PM ~ 12AM). I didn’t have time and actually wasn’t that interested. 😀

Considering the place where I was born and lived for 25 years, the cost of living here is undeniably pricey. Like I always say I try to lead a frugal lifestyle. So, last night I opted to cook one of my favorites. Paksiw is a very common Filipino fish dish. One can see this in every family’s table. Aside from its simplicity, you can enjoy its deliciously sour bang when cooked right. What’s right, you may ask. I have no idea, actually. However just be sure to make it sour, a little sweet, and spicy (optional). Not too salty.

Based on what I did last night that my husband really liked (which made me very glad to hear from a Korean guy who has a different palate), prepare these:

Side Note: I don’t really measure everything. I just go by my instinct. 😀

∗ 2 pieces of fish

(You can use any kind as long as they’re not bony. I bought the ones I am not familiar with. They looked like round scads. Not sure.)

∗ 120 ml vinegar

(This was only my estimation but it turned out really good. No kidding and bragging. 😀 )

∗ 1 small white onion (I think this gives the sweet-ish taste.)

∗ 1 spring onion (roughly chopped or into pieces)

 ∗ small cuts (about 6) of ginger (not too thin nor too thick, just enough to make that fishy smell go away 😀 )

 ∗ fair amount of black pepper seeds (about 1 tsp)

 ∗ salt (about 1/4 tsp)

∗ mixed salt & pepper (about 1/4 tsp)

∗ 1 dried red chili pepper (Fresh is okay. This is optional but I recommend it.)

∗ 4-5 cloves of chopped garlic (Since this is really expensive here. I used the canned one.)

What to do:

1. After cleaning and preparing everything, place them in a pot altogether. Cover.

2. Just simmer it until it’s cooked. Don’t forget to turn each over every now and then.

3. Serve when it’s cold but with a warm cup of rice.

My favorite part!

It’s yummy when it’s cold or eaten after a day. Enjoy the frugal and simple taste of Filipino dish!

You might want to try this. Don’t hesitate to come back here and drop me any feedback: 😉




35 thoughts on “Simple Recipe: Paksiw (Fish Stewed in Vinegar)

  1. another comment mentioned the head. I could not eat the fish with the head, does the head have to be left on? That might be a dumb question, but having the fish look at me while I eat would freak me out.


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