Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

The Rainbow Bridge – a suspension bridge crossing northern Tokyo Bay between Shibaura Pier and the Odaiba waterfront.

I won’t be talking about that bridge, though. Instead, let me tell you about an enormous thing that has been repurposed. Previously, I talked about how amazing Japan was when they constructed small islands and eventually made them into a whole now stunning island. Odaiba is the name where you can lay eyes on that colorful bridge.

Originally, this set of small man made fort islands were put together towards the end of the Edo Period (1603-1868) to safeguard Tokyo against possible attacks from the sea and respectively in response to the gunboat diplomacy of Commodore Perry.

After more than a century, the small islands were fused into larger islands by tremendous landfills. Tokyo then undertook a splendid development project intended to convert the islands into an innovative residential and business district during the lavish 1980s. The improvement didn’t come easy as it was faced with initial setbacks. One of those was the “bubble economy” in the early 1990s, leaving Odaiba roughly vacant.

Long story short, from the purpose of possible attacks protection, now a popular tourist spot for entertainment purposes.


12 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

  1. The first time we set foot in Tokyo back in early 2000, the Rainbow bridge was the first thing we saw as we drove into the city from the airport. Its beautiful indeed lighted up at night. We can still recall that drive!


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  3. The photo is beautiful and I love the history of the repurposed islands. I had actually seen a documentary about them long ago and it was nice to get an update.


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