Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

at Osaka Castle Park (Feb 4, 2017)

Just a perfect timing for the week’s photo challenge: Solitude.

Our quick memorable 3-night trip to Osaka just ended and being in pictures alone is not uncommon on every trip we take.

On a personal note, solitude is my home. I am more comfortable being alone because I know myself better and there’s no need for me to be mindful of pleasing nor not disappointing anyone. It scares me being around with people at times. I don’t want to bother anyone else. Besides, it provides me with a chance to reflect on things that really matter to me. I don’t think it means I am lonely. No. In fact, this makes me happy because I can be alone with my bubbles of thoughts in my head that will never be judged by others. What makes me even happier is that I am with someone who respects that side of me.

(Photo credit: My traveling buddy none other than my husband.💞)


13 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

  1. I’m the same. I trust myself more than the general population. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that 🙂


  2. Nice picture. Unsa ning weekly challenge? Everyone is free to join Ana? Lingaw lage na.


  3. I love time to myself. It gives me a chance to reflect on things and contemplate. I love walking alone in nature. It actually annoys me when I find a nice, quiet spot to myself and someone pops in plops down next to me to have a loud conversation.

    I feel like solitude can be hard to come by in Japan. Every time I find a nice place to be alone, suddenly people come out of the wood work.

    I hear you on solitude 🙂

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  5. For each and every person, some solitude is necessary. It gives you time to be by yourself without the need for being concious of others around you. It can be de-stressing too.Think of it as solitude therapy!

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