Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

For the week’s photo challenge.. Shadow∗


As my husband and I strolled back to the station after soaking ourselves in a bath of beautiful views in the ever treasured Osaka Castle, we passed by this mini forest nestled in Osaka Castle Park. I couldn’t help myself but grabbed my camera and took a photo of this sight. There was something about it that I found interesting. So..

Covered with shadows, surrounded by fallen leaves, as silent as of that muted movie scene, hardly saw anyone but us… would you dare to walk down there to the end?

We did and felt like we were in a horror film. Our imagination of vampires and wolves coming after us made me giggle on our way back home. 😀


23 thoughts

  1. Howdy! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my latest blog post for the details! I hope you accept and carry this award on! I hope you’re having a blessed Sunday! With much love, COL!


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