Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

*Against the Odds*

I’d say this shot’s been the most significant among the travel photos I took amid our Osaka trip. At the park, there was this one (not so) elderly man who seemed to enjoy feeding these frisky birds. It was so delightful to watch how the birds kept flying back and forth him. Of course I took snaps of the captivating moment. However, I wanted a shot that I thought would be very difficult to capture. The notion was to capture just one bird perching on the rail away from the others that were hustling in the air to catch a delicious snack from that friendly Mr.

A few minutes had passed and the chance was still impossible. In my head, I said

“Come on, please. Perch. Just once. And off we’ll go.”

I looked at Danny with a smile and gave him a sign to hold up for a few more minutes before we head to our next course. Out of the blue, my eyes were dazzled by this unanticipated moment. Not just one, but six birds heard my longing. Quickly, I clicked my camera! T’was a wonderful reward after patiently waiting. That point of my life reminded me once again that patience is truly a virtue.

– at Osaka Castle Park, 2/4/17 –

Before pulling that big surprise, there was this beautiful struggle.

– The man and the dainty frisky birds, 2/4/17 –


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