Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match

~ via Photo Challenge: A Good Match ~

– taken at a Taiwanese restaurant in Osaka –

This elegant chili sauce dispenser strikes a pose that can catch one’s eye. I don’t know about you but it did catch mine, hence this shot. Before this, I tried taking a photo of it alone without the plain looking saucer, yet it seemed to me that something was missing. So I placed the saucer back. Instantly, it filled in the missing piece! This simple white saucer simply completes the elegant look. Without the other, it’s like an unfinished puzzle. A match made in heaven!

Akin to humans, the very opposite couples most likely make a great match. Don’t you think so? 😀


48 thoughts

                  1. I may have to get a cellphone with a camera and internet, because my internet provider wants to much for service. I would rather keep the service, because I can’t see me blogging on a phone, but they want to double my monthly rate.


                    1. That’s true, but once a woman reaches a certain age, things change. I used to be thin, but now I have gained weight.. I never thought it would happen to me, because my mom was always thin. Unfortunately, I did not inherit her genes. I eat too much junk, but years ago that didn’t matter, now it does. Once you hit 40 look out, 50 is worse. Of course if I ate better and exercised more, that might help.


                    2. Yes, because you are only 26. Way back that was what we used to use. I love technology. When you used them, there was no guarantee the picture would even come out right, since it had to be developed.


                    3. They started making them again. They are selling quite well, there are a lot of people that grew up with them, and prefer them. It reminds them of the re better days, and some say they sound better. Of course you have to have a turntable, but you can find those.


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