Unboxing: Nintendo Switch

After a few attempts of buying the most awaited Nintendo’s latest pride, Danny and I finally got our very own Nintendo Switch! That was mouthful! 😀 The competition was intense on its official launch on March 3 so Danny had to wait for another time to purchase online. Patience, dearie! The box arrived yesterday and the excitement was just overflowing. To someone who is a game geek, my husband, and to that person whose childhood had been sprinkled with adventure by Nintendo (which I shamelessly declared here), that’s me, this is something that we both waited with anticipation.

If you have been contemplating whether to buy or not, allow me to somehow shine the light. First off, I’m going to show you what’s inside the bundle through this video.

Nintendo Switch
Click me!

Stay tuned for my unbiased review! 😉



7 Comments on “Unboxing: Nintendo Switch

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  2. My friends are more Nintendo fans than I am. They’re crazy for Link and Mario Kart and Smash and all those so if I wait long enough I might be able to play theirs. Hahah.

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  3. I can’t wait this weekend.
    I want to play videogame a lot of time!
    With your food 😘


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