*via Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop*

This isn’t the highest place I’ve been on and yet the most unforgettable thus far.

bali zoo elephant ride
Look at that smiling elephant! 🙂

[Bali Zoo, 2016]

This was on our first trip as newlyweds. While Danny was very eager to ride the elephant, I admit I was a bit hesitant. A part of me is someone who has no flair for physical activities. I consider this one as such.

What if the elephant will lose its sane in the middle of the fun and knock us down? What if we unintentionally hurt this huge creature? Truth be told, I had doubts at the time. However, at the back of my mind was a thought,

“Why not? This is a once in a blue moon experience! Grab it! You’re with the love of your life. That’s all that matters!”

And there I was sitting beside Danny atop that gigantic friend leisurely parading along with the others as if he was afraid that we would fall. After the ride, he even posed and smiled like he was glad to have fun with us.


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