Review: Samsung Chromebook Plus

Before you go through this, kindly go over my unboxing supposing you missed it. That way you can have your first impression. I’ve intentionally used this all the time since it arrived so I can produce the review quickly. So it’s been less than a month now. I’ll be sharing here only the highlight under the product description. Be reminded that this isn’t a sponsored content. Same with the rest of my reviews. I’ll specifically declare when a content is funded. Legit! *coughs* How I wish! 😀

in the words of Samsung

♦ Chrome OS

Color: Platinum Silver

♦ Hexa-core processor

♦ 12.3″ LED Display (2400 x 1600)

♦ Quad HD display made of durable Gorilla Glass 3 with a 3:2 aspect ratio

Brightness: 400nit

♦ 2GHz Speed

♦ Built-in Pen

♦ Touchscreen

♦ Google Play Store ready

♦ full-size keyboard and trackpad

Maximum thickness: 0.55″ / Weight: 2.38lbs (1.07955kg)

♦ ENERGY STAR® Certified

System Memory: 4GB

Storage Capacity: 32GB

Average Battery Life (in hours): 10 hours

♦ Spill resistant

samsung chromebook plus review 2017
Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Touch Laptop (XE513C24- K01US)


♥ It’s indeed portable. Can be used as a laptop or tablet.

review samsung chromebook plus 2017

review samsung chromebook plus convertible touch laptop 2017
I can view things however I like.

♥ It’s actually a bit wider than my old Asus Chromebook, but strangely lighter.

♥ The pen can be used in few ways, such as taking a screenshot, magnifying or unlocking the screen, etc. Doodling, sketching or personalizing a photo aren’t hard to do with this pen. I was kind of hesitant to use it at first because I’m used to using a mouse. Still getting the hang of it, though.

♥ comfy keyboard

review samsung chromebook plus 2017

♥ brilliant display

samsung chromebook plus review 2017

♥ A flash drive is totally unnecessary. All my files are safely hidden online. Virus free!

♥ I can still get things done using docs and apps in offline mode.

♥ The sound quality is more than fine so is the camera.

samsung chromebook plus camera quality
Look who posed for the sample picture! 😀

♥ Multitasking isn’t a problem!

♥ Millions of apps are just a touch away.

♥ The built-in wallpapers are stellar.


⊗ If used nonstop, battery life is only up to roughly 3~4 hours.

⊗ This only happened once, but I have this need to disclose it still. It suddenly froze up. Not quite sure if it was due to multitasking or after some apps were updated. But if I were to speculate, it was probably due to the latter.


It’s clear that my likes overpower my dislikes. I might actually have missed a lot more. I’ll leave them to you now. I surely recommend this to those who are up for portability and innovation.


Author: Sheryl Gim

1990 | Filipino living in Japan | Believer in love | Bitten by the travel bug | Caffeine intolerant

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  1. Why is it you only get 3-4 hours from it? You should be getting twice that. The device is too new for that kind of battery degradation, is it still under warranty? If so, you should have a chat with them. Intel based Chromebooks can expect 3-4 hours under heavy use, but ARM ones like this one should get at least eight hours heavy use. I know I plug mine in first thing when I wake up (overcharging batteries for hours while you sleep is bad), and it’s at 100 by the time I am ready to go, After using it nine hours nonstop at work I usually have 10-15% left. And I push mine HARD, full second Linux install in the background, Linux apps running in the background even when the full Chroot is not, lots of Android apps, several tabs and at least 2 terminals going all day. You should check your battery health. I can talk you through it if you don’t know how (it’s super easy, just not something most people bother with).


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