Simple Recipe: Pork Adobo

simple recipe pork adobo

When you ask Filipinos about their favorite Filipino dishes, adobo will always be on the list. If cooked right, one will surely ask for more rice. I did a little research just to clarify things and I’ve found out that in Filipino cuisine, adobo is a typical cooking method primitive to the Philippines. This includes stewing with vinegar. The term was only given by the Spanish after their first encounter because of its frivolous likeness to the Spanish adobo. Chicken adobo is very common in the country which is my favorite! And this is a dish mostly requested by my kimchi-eating husband. 😀

But one time, I tried to introduce another dish to him that he might approve. Glad he enjoyed every bit of it. So I thought you might like this one, too. It’s easy as 123 and economical. 😉

* serves 2 *

⇔ 500 grams, pork (I used the stripped one.)

⇔ 1 small, white onion, chopped

⇔ 4 cloves, garlic, chopped

⇔ 3/4 cup, vinegar

⇔ 3/4 cup, soy sauce

⇔ 1/4 tsp, white sugar

⇔ 1/2 tsp, black pepper seeds

⇔ 3 pieces, dried bay (laurel) leaves

* low-temperature cooking *

1. In a pot, put the ingredients all together.

2. Cook until the meat is tender and the sauce is absorbed. (with occasional stirring)

3. Serve hot.

easy recipe pork adobo
Happy meal! 🙂


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