Simple Recipe: Tomato Garlic Pork Rice Bowl

Here's an easy recipe that won't go over your budget I made when I only had one piece of potato and carrot in the fridge. 😀 ⇔ 500 grams ground pork ⇔ 1 small white onion, chopped ⇔ 4 cloves garlic, chopped ⇔ 1 green bell pepper ⇔ 1 potato, chopped/diced ⇔ 1 carrot, chopped/diced… Continue reading Simple Recipe: Tomato Garlic Pork Rice Bowl


I wish…

I wish... I wish I could see what’s in your mind I wish I could hear your sincere thoughts I wish I could listen to what your heart truly speaks I wish I could rhyme with your breathing I wish you could see your face in my eyes I wish you could tell me what… Continue reading I wish…