5 Reasons why you should make a blog logo + Tips

So you’ve set up your blog somewhere because you aren’t ready to make your own site and have customized it with a theme to your liking. Of course don’t forget the “About” page. I believe that it’s the first thing people will look into once they’re on your site. If you’re on WordPress, there’s this Gravatar profile where you can link your blog site to it. You can do things on WordPress with it. Thus, it’s important not to skip it.

Question! Did you think about having a logo before setting your blog up? Or did it just come to you after sometime? Perhaps, at the moment you’re quite satisfied with your selfie or any pictures you took as your profile picture/ site icon. I’m not saying it’s wrong. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to running a blog. You’re the boss! There are just some things that can somehow make your blog look better and more reliable. One of those is having an official and legal logo.

When I first entered the world of blogging, I didn’t care about it in all honesty. All I wanted was just to write and publish them. Done. I remember my first profile picture on Gravatar was a photo of me somewhere. It wasn’t permanent. I kept changing things as I learned things along the way. The only thing that’s been up until now is my first name. SheryL with a capital l and a heart. My readers recognize me by that name, I guess. As I try to explore this portal, I’ve picked up ways bit by bit. I’ve noticed different things. I tried to apply a few things and God knows what, they’ve helped me to understand a bit. I believe there’s an awful lot to learn in this changing world.

Now’s the time to share with you what I’ve learned. Here are the following reasons why you should make a logo for your blog:

  1. It gives identity to your blog.
  2. It breathes life to the concept of your blog.
  3. People will remember you being the person behind the blog through your logo.
  4. One can somehow tell the essence of your blog.
  5. By having a logo, they will see how much effort you put into your blog.

I think there’s no need for me to elaborate things, you’ll see and experience it yourself. You may ask why I have finally decided to have one after 3 years of blogging, well it’s only because of that one time when one of my readers commented, “Did you change your pic?”

That was the turning point. Before that happened, I thought nobody would care about what picture you’ll set as your profile picture which also serves as your logo. However, when I read that single comment, it totally changed my view.

Regardless of the status of your blog, self-hosted or not, having an official logo does make a difference. You can place it on your blog’s header, customize your site icon, and don’t forget to set it on your Gravatar profile. That’s the first thing they’ll see especially when you leave comments, follow, and like.


  • Don’t be pressured about the design.
  • Remember that it should represent you and your blog.
  • Make it as meaningful as possible.
  • Not too literal.
  • Don’t overdo things. Less is more.
  • Be careful not to use any app’s designs even if the app is for free.
  • Be original.

If you’re good at designing, you can make it on your own. On the other hand, if you’re like me who is only good at imagining, ask someone else to do it. 😀 To give you an inspiration or something, here’s my official and legal logo.

thoughts of sheryl

Designed by: Hanamaru Fujii (Visit his company here.)

I actually had a few attempts to make one by myself, but they didn’t live up to my imagination. 😀 I wanted something simple, but classy and substantial. Kudos to the person who made this! Since my blog is all about different things and thoughts, he used the cherry blossom petals to symbolize them. Painted with the color that is my favorite and indicates the fact that sakura can be found in Japan where I am currently residing. This absolutely represents me and Thoughts of SheryL. This is much better than my imagination. No, I should say my imagination got nothing on this brilliant work. 😀 I wish I was just as creative!

Now, go make yours! If you already have one, how would you interpret it? Tell us about it!


24 thoughts on “5 Reasons why you should make a blog logo + Tips

  1. Visiting here from Debbie’s site. I have twp websites and have designed an original favicon for each. But for my gravitar I use a photo. Should I use my favicon? Or should I create a logo that I use everywhere? (I love yours by the way.) Have you ever had cold feet?


    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for dropping by! If you’ve decided to make an official blog logo, you might want to set at as your profile pic on Gravatar as well. It’ll be seen when you interact on WordPress. As for your photo, how about inserting it on your About page? Good day! 🙂


  2. Useful info here Sheryl, I’m keen to get a logo (after years of changing my pic) but am interested why you don’t suggest using an app? Is it because they aren’t original? Thanks for giving me something to think about.

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    1. You can use any tools to make your logo, just avoid using their own design. For instance, there’s this app that has stickers where you can add texts. It isn’t original if you use them. I actually did it. 😀 I used its sticker that looks like a bubble. I thought it was good to represent my thoughts and just added texts inside the bubble. It wasn’t my own design. So it wasn’t original. A professional told me not to do so.

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  3. Thanks for this! I am just in the process of thinking up a logo at the moment but struggling, but I’m not really at the point yet where I can pay anyone to do it! I’m torn between a couple of ideas but I’m sure il get there! Reading this and seeing how important it can be has giving me the kick i needed though!! Hope your well 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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