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talisker whisky

A glass of whisky has only a transient warming effect.

I tried it for the first time a few days ago out of curiosity. Just a slow sip and my body didn’t rejoice. Gone are the days when gulping down alcohol was a habit. Yes, I had an affair with alcohol. Not that I did it for pleasure, but for battling against sorrow. The sorrow I felt over the tragedy (shipwreck) of my dad was just too much to bear. I kept drowning my broken heart and soul with this liquid which my religion forbids. I was losing my faith. It took me a while to finally accept it and there I was waking up from a long nightmare. Since then I’ve lived a life that never regards alcohol as a remedy to any wound. Thank God I got out of the habit!

I am well aware that you too have battles in life, just remember they are all transient. Don’t do things that can harm you and your health. Drinking is never a solution.


4 Comments on “Transient

  1. Sheryl:
    I have seen people’s lives changed by alcohol, but never in a good way. Drunk driving, losing a career, damaging or losing a family, health problems, and the list goes on. Like drugs, alcohol addiction can drive your life down a path that can’t be reversed.


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