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On one of my “dine outs” with the husband, I found myself comfortably situated on a couch at a corner of a Japanese style pub (izakaya) which at first glance I speculated was a diner but totally not. It seemed like one though. It must be the interior design. To my advantage at the time, no one was fuming so I was pleased to dig in the dishes we opted. Did the dishes satisfy my palate? A big yes! Well-seasoned! However, as soon as the waitress placed this plate with the unusual looking avocado on it, I was a bit thrown off guard.

japanese grilled avocado
Avocado skewer topped with anchovy garlic mayo

In the country where I hail from, we consume avocados for dessert or drinks. They aren’t grilled, baked and the like. They are commonly made into smoothies. Japanese people ingest them with soy sauce on typical meals. As a foodie, I courageously took a bite. It gave me a different perception of avocados. Seeing one dish like this was beyond my imagination. It was indeed out of the ordinary! Will I put it in my mouth again? Hmm, maybe not? 😀


12 Comments on “Unusual

  1. You have a knack for finding interesting foods and drinks! I eat avocado regularly but never thought about putting soy sauce. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that… I guess in California Rolls the avocado pieces have been dipped in soy sauce a lot before.

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  2. Same in the northern/western hemisphere–they eat avocados with mayonnaise, salt & pepper, and sometimes with shellfish too (crab, shrimp, etc.). Sometimes they’re also cubed and tossed in salad. And of course we know the Mexican guacamole. Freaks them out when I eat it with milk & sugar; but we’d served an Anglo friend avocado ice cream and she loved it!

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