Lawson’s New Frozen Matcha Drink: Yep or Nope?

Not so long ago, I talked about Lawson’s new frozen drinks by Machi Cafè with 4 varieties. I shared my two cents first on the one in chocolate flavor. Missed it? It’s here. This time, the matcha!

lawson frozen matcha drink review
295円(yen), 294kcal

This isn’t your ordinary matcha. It’s made with Uji matcha which is said to be one of the most famous brands of tea in Japan. Uji is Kyoto’s popular tea town where high quality tea is made.

On the top of that matcha and milk blended ice cream is black honey sauce which enhances the flavor of matcha. This I agree! I’ve tried it twice now. When I first had the chocolate, I failed to warm it up prior to consumption. However, this time I followed the instructions. And it all made sense to me. 😀

To be fair, I’m not a fan of anything matcha. I just have it when it’s there. They claim this one to be a refreshing drink and I couldn’t agree more. Despite the fact that it’s blended with condensed milk, I could strongly taste the matcha. The sweet black honey complemented with everything. And again, this drink wasn’t too sweet which is a good point for me. Also, it made me feel full after. 😀 So I think you shouldn’t have this after a big meal.

And again, it’s a YEP!

2 more to go!

Microwave it first! 500W (1 min and 30 sec)


2 Comments on “Lawson’s New Frozen Matcha Drink: Yep or Nope?

  1. sounds delightful and thnks for the info on how and when to drink it


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