~via Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction~

Nothing can compare the delight I feel whenever I see a beautifully served gimbap/ kimbap (김밥). The way its presented makes it more appetizing. In case you didn’t know, it’s a popular Korean dish made from cooked rice (bap 밥) and other ingredients that are made into a roll in a dried sheet of laver seaweed (gim 김). Hence the name. It’s served in bite-size pieces. The dish is traditionally eaten at picnics and outdoor events. As for me, I eat whenever and wherever I want to.

It always satisfies the foodie in me. I could have it as it is. No other dishes needed. But when I pair it with kimchi, aah~~ couldn’t ask for more! I especially like it when there’s less rice, but more other ingredients like vegetables, egg, yellow pickled radish. and the like. Depending on the kind of gimbap. What’s even more satisfying is that it isn’t difficult to make once you’re familiar with the ingredients.

How much do you like the dish?

taken at a Korean restaurant somewhere in Shinjuku

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