Fitbit Alta HR: Yep or Nope?

A wristwatch that helps you keep track of your health goals? Sounds cool, doesn’t it? To be honest, I couldn’t care less because I’m not much of a gadget person. However, there could be exceptions especially when a particular gadget is definitely beneficial.

When you’re with someone who seems to be always updated on new devices and such, you tend to be amazed to hear about them. Like things that you didn’t expect to exist. Just like this little thing here..

fitbit alta hr fuchsia
Fitbit Alta HR (Fuchsia/Stainless Steel, Small) $149.95

At first, I was skeptical about it because like I said I’m not into having gadgets other than a smartphone, a laptop, and a Kindle. Life is just good with these 3. The husband persistently talked me into buying for both of us for health purposes. And that’s how I got one. It wasn’t love at first sight. Here are a few features of this heart rate plus fitness wristband according to the company:

  • constant wrist-based heart rate tracking & simplified heart rate zones
  • Get a better understanding of your fitness level and see how you can improve over time with a personalized Cardio Fitness Score.
  • See your time in light, deep and REM stages to better understand your sleep quality.
  • Track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity & stationary time.
  • See call, text & calendar alerts on display when your phone is nearby.
  • Automatically recognizes select activities and records them in the exercise section of the Fitbit app.
  • Get friendly Reminders to Move that encourage you to reach an hourly goal of 250 steps.
  • Automatically track your sleep quality & wake up peacefully with a silent alarm.
  • Sync stats wirelessly & automatically to computers and 200+ leading iOS, Android and Windows devices.

These features have made me fall in love with it over time. I’ve been keeping track on my health now more than ever. I”ll be reaching my 30’s in 3 years’ time so now’s the high time to watch my fitness goals. Listed below are my likes about having this:

  • It lives up to the claims.
  • The battery life is up to 7 days.
  • It’s rain, sweat and splash proof. (not shower/swim proof)
  • slim
  • interchangeable accessories
  • accurate tracking
  • The Fitbit app has various communities where you can meet like-minded individuals. Competition and challenges are healthy there. 😉

I have no regrets for buying this!

fitbit alta hr charger
It’s a YEP!

Visit the official site for more info. Click here.

DISCLOSURE: This is not a paid/sponsored content. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience.

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