Ooh, Shiny!

~via Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!~

I was engrossed in the series Girlboss on Netflix when out of the blue something landed on the door by the balcony and made a tapping sound. Paused Girlboss and took a look at it. Behold, it was one of the large insects you can see in summer. The ones that keep the heat vibrating with their strident buzz.

Can you name it? Yes, this is a cicada!


It distracted me a bit, but seeing one up close was kind of cool though. I was able to compare its size with my thumb and yeah it was just the same size as my thumb. What an interesting distraction!


13 Comments on “Ooh, Shiny!

  1. I can see it would stop being a novelty after quite some time. Hopefully I can go back at some point long enough for that to happen haha.


  2. I’m not there now. The only time I really heard them at night was in Hakone. In the daytime I liked it as it was a reminder I was doing something different.


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