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Whenever my husband and I decide to go on a dinner date, there’s a spot outside Shinjuku station that eventually became our meeting point. The name is Penguin Park even if there’s no single penguin in sight. Benches are provided along the well-cared garden where lush greenery and a few beautiful flowers are seen.

There’s a little part of the area that overlooks the city’s high buildings and the railway. This is where I quietly sit and wait for Danny as he leaves from work. From here, I can see that building with a bright giant clock. I also see people from different walks of life on the platform patiently wait for the train. The exciting part is when I see the long public vehicle approach the platform. Hearing the rumbling sound it makes tells me that I live in the now. The giant clock tells me how precious time is. To some, waiting can be a waste of time but to me if it’s for the one I love, I don’t mind. Time seems to be slow while waiting, but when you learn to enjoy what you see around you it’s all worth it.

clock tower shinjuku station



13 Comments on “Waiting

  1. I think waiting is one of the most underestimated activities!
    It’s often only while we are waiting for something that we can slow down and be in the moment. (As long as the thing we’re waiting for isn’t too late!!)

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