Free Ways To Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

For starters, if you’re blogging to merely pen your thoughts in the cloud even without an audience, you might as well skip reading this. If you, on the other hand, think that your blog has been stagnant in terms of viewership, stick around and you might pick up a few things that’ll allow your blog to make a stream and eventually flow with satisfying traffic.

Just so you know I gave birth to this blog (previously named as My Korean Lover) in May 2014 and back then I just wanted to share my story with someone that’s now gone out of my life. To be trending online wasn’t the intention. Thoughts of SheryL was born after that romance ended. I also went on hiatus after that if you must know.

Not long after the renovation of this site, I wanted to make a change particularly the content. Now I wish the blog to be somehow or other helpful. I prefer to share various topics that can be beneficial to someone. This leads to the question, “How can I extend this to people, not just to someone?”

I’m way too far from being a blogging virtuoso, but I happen to have learned ways to address the question free of cost. First, take a look at my blog views report from 2014 up to present.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 9.52.26 PM

Of course, it isn’t hundreds of thousands or millions of views. That’s not going to happen anytime soon since my blog is still a work in progress if you will. Truth be told, I don’t even wish for it. That’s just too ambitious which I am not. Be realistic and never expect this silly thing as soon as you start working on your blog after reading this.

So here are the simple ways I’ve been doing for my blog to be visible online:

1. Never ever beg someone to visit your blog.

You may think it’s common or normal to do, but I dare say it’s like asking someone to eat even if they don’t want to. Let people naturally come to your blog.

2. Visit, like, follow, and leave comments on other blogs.

So instead of asking someone to check out and follow your site, go make the first move by just letting them know that you exist. How? Pay a visit and if you find something that interests you, express it by liking their posts or even commenting. If nothing is relatable, quietly leave. I mean don’t just do it for the sake of getting more followers. And hey, don’t leave a comment saying “Blah blah blah please check out my blog blah blah blah.” It may not be always, but surely someone’s going to return the favor. The thing is, if they genuinely find your blog interesting or great even without them following you back, it’s quite fulfilling already.

3. Make use of the other social media platforms.

It’s not even a secret. Everybody does this thing. Link your blog site to other social media sites. If you get fewer views from WordPress community (or other hosting sites), pay no mind because there are other places where your blog can be viewed by many. Currently, mine is linked to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. How about yours?

4. Choose the best title.

Sometimes, this is overlooked due to some reason. Reasons could be personal, but if you want to get someone’s attention, start making better titles. Ask yourself this, “Will I be interested to read this with this title?”. Just like when you surf the internet or search for a particular topic/product, you click the article which has a relevant title, don’t you?

5. Categorizing and tagging

These two seem unnecessary. Wrong. In fact, they’re powerful. They’re the ones that can bring you to a spotlight on search engines. Using the right categories and tags, chances are your site will be on the first page of search results or even on the first list. Be careful not to use a lot of them. One category is good enough. As for tagging, less is more. If you ask me, the maximum number of tags should be 3.

Look how they made my blog to the first spot.


Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 12.27.49 AM
I tried searching using the tag I used on my blog.



If you want me to elaborate more on categorizing and tagging, don’t hesitate to say it in the comment section.

To give you a bit of motivation and let you know that these 5 ways really work:

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 9.52.47 PM

That’s it for today. Will give you an update if there’s anything more to add. Is there anything you can add now? Don’t be so selfish, share it with us! 🙂







34 Comments on “Free Ways To Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

  1. Wow! I’m new to blogging and this is helpful. I like how you are really genuine with your thought, you don’t tell us that we can get 1 mil follow just like that. its more realistic to think lower and hey, you don’t know what is next for you right?!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  2. I linked my blog to Twitter, and within about 3 days, I’d gotten 5 email followers who were obviously not real people. I researched the question a bit, and it seemed like possibly a technique for harvesting email addresses or something. So I deleted those followers, and severed the blog’s link to Twitter, and it stopped. Is this a common thing from twitter? My account there is a few years old, and I haven’t posted anything there for a long time, only use it really for following news.


  3. Sheryl! I had no idea the less tags the better! You certainly learn something new everyday. I also like the tip on not begging people to visit your blog. When I started I used to tag a lot of people on my posts on Twitter but over time I realised that just post and go, if your content is good, the right readers will come along.

    I loved this post 🙂

    A few additions to your lovely tips :

    P.S Well done on your growing blog, you are doing well.


      • Absolutely! The thing is, most bloggers want people to visit their blogs – but these visitors end up being overwhelmed by the amount of posts being churned out every day. Adding fuel to the fire would be the idiocy of advertising / marketing / PR agencies that aim for “high-traffic” sites they will convert into “commercial Franken-blogs”.

        Since a lot of blogs are hogging attention, I chose an “enter at your own risk” approach to focus on the quality of my posts. It’s a matter of reverse psychology, actually haha


  4. all I can say is that if you like those blogs that interest you … you will be more successful if your blog is interesting too when they come looking for you …thanks for the pointers …


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