How I Taught My JRT Puppy To Sit

The Jack Russell Terrier dog breed is known to be liberated and perky. You might find it charming because of its small size, but don’t be deceived by its looks. This little relentless pooch is a handful to train and handle according to a few articles I read to which I can attest. Sushi has been with us for 10 days now. She just turned 4 months and has been showing us her temperament just like what those articles say.

For a novice pet owner like me, it has been a great challenge to make her see me as a friend but a leader. My only hope is for her to grow up happily without being aggressive. To be honest, I was stressed out on the first 2 days with her at home. Not only did I worry about her being unruly, but I was also really scared of her biting me and whatnot. I blame no one for this. We decided to have her so taking full responsibility is unquestionable.

To ease my being a worrywart for 2 days, I spent hours on the internet in hopes of finding effective ways to build a healthy relationship with my Sushi. Thank heavens I found someone who’s a dog training expert! He’s popular on Youtube and because of him, I was able to learn how to teach Sushi a trick.

My gratitude to Zak George! I wouldn’t have done this if not for his good deal of expertise. I mean he made it easy for me (and others) to understand. He uses language that a person with no pet know-how can comprehend.

Now it’s your turn to share your pet training stories!