Review: Jill Stuart Surprise Love Hand Cream

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is not a paid/sponsored content. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience. 

I got this hand cream as a birthday gift from a friend. Been using it for quite some time. So I think it’s high time to share my review on this.

Jill Stuart Surprise Love Hand Cream Heart message 【03 Mutual Love】, 30g


  • Made with natural fragrances from essential oils that are extracted from flowers and fruits.
  • Moisturizes skin
  •  Formulated with refreshing water-soluble polymers which creates a smooth feeling.
  • With gorgeous design


  • It has a lovely scent. I surely won’t bother other people when I want to use it in public places.
  • I can glide the cream smoothly on my hands upon application.
  • A pea size is all I need in every application.
  • Absolutely handy!
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky feeling.
  • Its fragrance lasts for a few hours when not washed with water.
  • No skin irritations have occurred since the first application.
  • I have to agree that the design is gorgeous. It’s carefully styled. You don’t have to worry about wrapping it up by yourself. Look at the packaging!


As soon as I got a load of it, I felt special and cared about (packaging wise).



  • While it mildly moisturizes my hands, it can’t prevent dry winter skin issues.



Have you ever tried any Jill Stuart products? Tell us about your experience!

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