Blogging Tips: Categorizing and Tagging

Blogging Tips: Categorizing and Tagging

If you blog for an audience and want your blog to be found on the first page of search engines, categorizing and tagging are two important things you might want to consider. In this brief post, you will read a few pointers on how to properly categorize and tag your post.

When I embarked on this blogging journey in 2011, I never had the slightest knowledge of these two. I commenced this journey empty-handed. Well, except that I had stories to tell. Let me just emphasize that I’m not encouraging you to count your views. You must enjoy blogging without stressing over the number of your audience especially if you don’t have a target audience. However, wouldn’t it be fulfilling to know that your site is found by people who are in need of some information and inspiration? This is where categorizing and tagging come in.


  • What’s the topic of your post? If it’s about a skincare product, that goes under “Skincare” not “Beauty”.
  • Choose the word that best describes your article.
  • One category is the ideal number.


  • If you aren’t quite certain about your categories, tags will come to the rescue.
  • Limit your tags, because the lesser the better. Want a specific number? Based on my experience, for the most part, I write 3 tags.
  • This is the time when you have to be very specific. The following photos will show you. Notice the underlined words.


thoughts of sherylblog tutorial taggingthoughts of sheryl samplethoughts of sheryl blog

You see if not for the way I wrote the tags, my blog wouldn’t be on the first search results page (sometimes the top result) in which I didn’t expect at all. How did I learn this? It was when I was checking my site statistics and I saw the search terms. Kudos to WordPress! Below are a few of them.

Screenshot 2018-01-15 at 11.23.09 AMScreenshot 2018-01-15 at 11.22.03 AM

  • Finally, yet importantly, try to think like you’re the one searching for something. I think that’s the key. You don’t even have to mind the grammar.

Perhaps, there are likely a lot more ways to appropriately categorize and tag your posts but I hope these can help you get started.






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  1. Thank you so much for this post xD I tag my blog like it is Instagram 🙈 had no clue that less is better. I will have to really think of the 3 the best describe the blog. If you are writing about a book would you suggest the title and author or should I not bother if it is inside of the blog? Thanks so much again. This was so much help 👍👍👍

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  2. Thanks for this. I am trying to improve my blogs and my tags and everything kaso gahol sa oras. I upload entries mga once a month lang. Gahh. Problem is busy pa and I don’t have a laptop and I only use my ipad.. Thanks.. I love how you arranged your site… Sana magkatime na huhu. Thanks again.


  3. Thanks for this Sheryl!! I started weeks ago and have no idea about anything in WP including this categorizing and tagging thing so I ended up putting a lot which I now realized wasn’t supposed to be hahhaha. I will edit it and remember your advice in my future posts Thank you


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