Why do you say love conquers all?

Were you conquered by love?

Why do you say money is the root of all evil?

Is it really money itself or just you?

Why do you say being alone is a sad thing?

Don’t you love yourself?

Why do you say contentment is hard to find?

Life alone is a gift, what else do you need?

You say happiness comes from within.

But you feel sad when no one’s around.

You say friends are your gems.

But you don’t care about their dreams.

You say you love him/her.

But you light up a fire in the dark.

You say you miss him/her.

But you’re with someone else.

You say you despise lies.

But you can’t even mouth a single truth.

You say honesty is the best policy.

But you can’t even take the truth.

Tell me why.


— Sheryl Gim