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Tuna and Cream Cheese Sandwich Recipe

It’s always a joy when your husband truly appreciates and approves something you make for him. Last week, I made this sandwich for my husband’s lunch and was glad that his palate approved it. Now I’m sharing you this recipe so you can also make someone’s tummy happy. You can easily whip this up, I promise!


√ crustless white bread

√ tuna flakes

√ mayo

√ shredded cabbage

√ squared cream cheese

tuna sandwich recipe


  1. Evenly spread the mayo to the one side of the bread.
  2. Nicely place the shredded cabbage.
  3. Put enough amount of tuna flakes mostly in the center.
  4. Now place your squared cream cheese over the tuna flakes and cover with another bread.
easy tuna sandwich recipe

Super easy, right? If you ever try this, I’d love to receive feedback from you.

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