Review: Eaude Muge Washing Foam (Moisturizing)

Due to my love for Eaude Muge’s toner, I decided to try another product from the said brand. Expect this review to be brief for I don’t want it to be taking up too much of your time.

Just finished my first bottle after almost 2 months. I opted for the Moisturizing type since winter was approaching at that time. I used this twice daily.

  • A facial foam with a pump.
  • Washes with a very fine lather.
  • Washes off dirt thoroughly and still leaves you with silky and hydrated skin.
  • Contains amino acid and moisture retaining ingredients which reduce the feeling of tight, dry skin.
  • Contains aloe extract and pearl barley seed extract.
  • additive-free
  • Available in 2 types: Moisturizing and Refreshing
  • You don’t need to make a lather since it’s a self-foaming wash. Definitely saves time!
  • It’s gentle on my skin.
  • Truly makes my skin hydrated.
  • No tight feeling right after washing
  • No chemical-like scent
  • Doesn’t dry my hands. You know some products do that thing, right?
  • No allergic reaction
  • No acne attack, thank God!
  • Affordable
  • Hygienic packaging
  • It can’t thoroughly wash off makeup.
  • Yes, it makes my skin hydrated but not for long. Thus, my skin becomes a bit oily later on. It’s best to still apply your favorite moisturizer.

I wouldn’t mind using it again since I have more reasons to like it than dislike it. Would recommend this!


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Author: Sheryl Gim

1990 | Filipino living in Japan | Believer in love | Bitten by the travel bug | Caffeine intolerant

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