Hotel Review: Shilla Stay Jeju

It was late in the afternoon when we arrived at this hotel and I liked that it wasn’t far from the airport. We were amiably greeted by the receptionist and checking in was a breeze. The spacious lounging area was tidy and embellished. Not long after that, we made our way to our room which was on the 8th floor, if my memory serves me right. Their three elevators were big enough.

shilla stay jeju review
Reception Hall/ Lounging Area

While walking through the hallway, I noticed how quiet the hotel was. The design was minimal but pleasing to my sight. Using a card key, we opened the door to our room and I immediately admired how clean and roomy it was.

where to stay in jeju
clean and spacious room

The bathroom was just as clean and equipped with bathroom supplies. We didn’t regret choosing this hotel among the others. After a long day, the big cozy bed was there waiting for us to give us a very good sleep. We didn’t have any problem while staying there. Housekeeping was done every single day. Parking is available which was convenient for us since we rented a car to get around the island. Finding a place to shop or have meals was never an issue. There are plenty of shops and restaurants nearby.

Just a minor problem, you have to bring a universal adapter in order to charge your gadgets. Another thing, I didn’t really like the scent of their soap and shampoo. Rosemary and mint are not for me. However, I still enjoyed our stay there.

If you’re travelling to Jeju for the first time, I’d recommend this hotel. It’s good value for money.

*Featured image: Jeju Stone Park

Where did you stay in Jeju?

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Author: Sheryl Gim

1990 | Filipino living in Japan | Believer in love | Bitten by the travel bug | Caffeine intolerant

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