Jeju Love Land: Is it worth visiting?

While I was googling for places to check out in Jeju, this sex-themed sculpture park came up many times and so I gave in and added it to our list. It was a matter of idle curiosity. From where I grew up if we talk about sex, you’re perverted or a bad Christian from a religious person’s point of view. That’s why I was contemplating blogging about my experience here. I’m a believer of Christ and it’s an embarrassment when they know that I visited this kind of place. Is it really an embarrassment? I mean we didn’t do anything pervy there. We only saw giant sculptures of people showing something sexual or merely romantic and other stuff pertaining to eroticism and sexuality. And these things are human nature, aren’t they? Maybe this feeling of embarrassment is exaggerated. Or I think I shouldn’t be embarrassed.

Nothing made me feel weird, disgusted, embarrassed, or even puke while we were there. The park was rather humorous and interesting for me. The artists behind those statuesque objects definitely deserve some applause. I also thought the exotic landscaping was appealing but it could have been better. The park can also be enjoyed at night with the fantastic illuminations but that’s something I can’t prove since we got there in the afternoon and didn’t stay up until dark.

jeju love land review
How do you feel looking at these objects?

The area wasn’t that huge so we were able to finish looking around in less than an hour. It wasn’t crowded at the time.

is jeju love land worth visiting
What do you think of these pieces of art?

My husband and I also went to the two indoor exhibition spaces where we saw a collection of adult toys, imaginative artworks of sexuality, and wooden sculptures of manhood which were really artistic. I didn’t mind taking pictures because I wasn’t planning on including them here. I want you to see them for yourself. Only if you’re curious enough to visit the park.

We didn’t leave without trying this bread or perhaps a waffle that has the shapes of penis and breasts.

Would you try it?

It tasted simple but not bad. Nothing special about it except for how it looks. We were both giggling while munching on them. Soon, we left.

For first time visitors of this kind of park, this would be amusing, but if you’ve been to lots of them, I think you can skip it.


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Author: Sheryl Gim

1990 | Filipino living in Japan | Believer in love | Bitten by the travel bug | Caffeine intolerant

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