Review: Revlon PhotoReady Color Correcting Pen (Peach)

I wanted to try this color corrector to see if it really works. I opted for peach (030) for dark spots and undereye circles. My undereye circles aren’t that vivid but could use some concealing sometimes. I started using this 4 months ago and I guess it’s time for me to share how it’s been.

revlon photoready color correcting pen peach review

Apply after foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. Dispense a tiny bit onto specific areas of your face by twisting the base of the color-correcting pen and blend.


  • light and easy to blend
  • handy
  • dries up quickly
  • soft brush and easy to apply
  • brightens my undereye circle a bit

revlon photoready color correcting pen peach review


  • There are times that the product doesn’t flow after a few twists.
  • It’s not that pigmented.
  • Doesn’t really conceal my dark areas.
  • Settles on fine lines if your skin is dry.

I reckon this corrector is good for those who have light skin. I’m a bit tan that’s why I think its shade doesn’t fit my skin. That being said, I still occasionally use it for my undereye circles as it seems to tone up those areas. It’s important to moisturize your skin when using this corrector to avoid cracks.
How’s your experience with this product?

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Author: Sheryl Gim

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