Yakitori Center’s Must Try Dishes

Yakitori Center is one of the many yakitori restaurants in Japan. From the name itself you can tell that the menu is all about skewered chicken because that's what yakitori is. However, this isn't the case in this cozy restaurant/ bar. It has indeed a variety of dishes to try and to love. Here are… Continue reading Yakitori Center’s Must Try Dishes


Lawson’s New Frozen Matcha Drink: Yep or Nope?

Not so long ago, I talked about Lawson's new frozen drinks by Machi Cafè with 4 varieties. I shared my two cents first on the one in chocolate flavor. Missed it? It's here. This time, the matcha! This isn't your ordinary matcha. It's made with Uji matcha which is said to be one of the most… Continue reading Lawson’s New Frozen Matcha Drink: Yep or Nope?