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45 thoughts

      1. No worries. Some of my older blog posts from 7 years ago are blurry because I had a different wordpress template theme and had severely reduced the size of photos. So I was too lazy to change the photos for my current selected theme.

        I don’t find iPhone photos as a standalone camera. So I don’t bother to stick such photos in blog.


  1. Hi Sheryl,

    Thank you for liking my story on Osaka. Where did you see it??? By the way, I really really like your blog!! And Sushi is so cute I have a Mini Schnauzer:)


  2. Thanks so much for Liking we had coffee at the paris of negros I really appreciate it.
    It’s great to read about your page i find that you’re really passionate about in what you do. I Love every pictures and ill spend time appreciating them all if i have time. Best wishes for always, safe travels!

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