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Unpleasant Experience with StoreMeSili

Let me be clear that this isn't a rant. This is just an unfortunate experience I had with StoreMeSili, a company I came upon on Instagram that I want to put out not to shame them but to express my dissatisfaction. I can't make this up. The aforementioned is marketing silicone-based kitchen utensils for an… Continue reading Unpleasant Experience with StoreMeSili

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Review: Meishoku Detclear Bright & Peel (Mix Berry Scent)

I've learned that exfoliation is essential to maintaining smooth skin and keeping wrinkles and hyperpigmentation at bay. It should be part of your basic skin care routine to make your beauty products work better. If regularly done, it can help fade mild hyperpigmentation like age spots, melasma, and scars. It also minimizes enlarged pores and wrinkles. Choosing… Continue reading Review: Meishoku Detclear Bright & Peel (Mix Berry Scent)