Review: The Saem Multi Glow Tip Highlighter

This highlighter is less than 1,000 yen and it works pretty well. I bought it at Don Quijote and I didn’t regret it. I’ve used this quite a lot and I highly recommend it. Here are bits as to why I swear by this Korean product.

the saem multi glow tip highlighter review

– cute packaging
– leak free
– very easy to apply using its tip
– no chemical-like scent
– non-comedogenic

the saem multi glow tip highlighter review

– It has a rosy beige shade that works well with any tone.
– blendable
– It gives that natural looking glow which I prefer. I’m not a fan of overly dramatic highlighters.
– Stays in place for long hours.
– Can be worn on any occasion.
– Easy to wash off using any makeup remover.

I seriously can’t find fault with it at the moment. So this will be my go-to highlighter. If you have used this, do share your thoughts below.

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