Blazing sexy South Korea

Had it not been for meeting my Korean in-laws, I wouldn’t get to realize my dream. I mean I wouldn’t be there earlier than the husband and I planned to go. My in-laws wanted to meet me soon. What a shame they were not even present on our wedding day. Some circumstances were just unavoidable. Despite that, I’m very grateful to them for welcoming me to the family without mentioning what happened. Besides, they didn’t abandon their son for marrying someone who is not Korean. They embraced us for who and what we are as a couple. This means a lot to me. There’s just one thing that they hope from us. A baby. One is enough for them. Hmm, I’m gonna put that aside for now.

Danny and I spent 5 days in the country. 1 in his hometown, 2 in an impressive resort, and last 2 days in Seoul. My husband’s family is in Chuncheon, a city which is about 3 hours away from Seoul. I don’t know but when we got to the place, I had this familiar feelings. I didn’t feel that much of unfamiliarity. It felt like home.


We decided to get to his parent’s house on foot from the station so I could see what the place was like. He was surprised about the many changes in his homeland. That’s what you get for not visiting home for a long time. 😀

The weather wasn’t that cooperative. It was hot. Hotter than Japan’s summer, I think. Thank goodness I was born in a tropical country where it is always summer. 😀

Meet my in-laws…


They’re a small family. Danny has got only one brother, his little brother who has only one kid. The family took me to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Our first dinner together. It was fun and the food was tasty. We had dakgalbi and makguksu which are popular in town.


This makguksu was so yummy!

On the next day, we headed down to Sokcho to meet his 3 aunts and 1 uncle. On our way there, something took me by surprise.


Look at those giant johnsons! I thought Korean people were conservative. Well, I guess not anymore. 😀 It was about 2 hours drive to the resort where the family planned to stay for 2 days. I’ll talk about it next time. 😉
Now you get it why my title is so. 😀